Saturday, April 2, 2011


Pernah terfikir tak how miracle is ur heart is?
That tiny little thing do give you your deepest grief and sorrow,
Also the the feelings of bright enormous joy you could ever imagine off.
Heart. Hati. Soul. Jiwa.
Perkataan yang seerti...
Sekarang hati aku terasa di awangan.
Terbuai dek rasa cinta yang aku tontoni dalam drama Korea Coffee Prince tadi. :)
Oh, how great isnt it to have some one that could love u with all ur heart.
And by just thinking of you alone, it'll make ur heart felt like bursting and exploding.
A guy who will except you for no matter who you are.
A tomboy, a shortie, or maybe for just a plain Jane like me :)
It would be so overjoyed for me if I know some particular guy were reading my mesages over and over and could not stop smiling.
And how thinking of me would make his heart go like swishh as if it was exploding.
And when i told him I love him, he would felt as if floating in the air.
How I wish for a guy like that..
Rasanya, semua orang pon nak laki macam ni dalam hidup diorang kan?
So, malam ni, I'll pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars,
So I could really use a wish right now..(Airplanes B.O.B ft Harley)
To have that kind of man in my life :)

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