Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Ur Superpowers Do Tells About U?

Okay! Ready to know the answer??  
Lets check it out!

1)Power to Change Forms
You're probably a sociable person  that likes to "fit in". Perhaps you want to be admired by the group. Maybe, you're a real crowd-pleaser.

Career Clues: Entertainment might be the field for you. Actors can "change forms" and be other people. 

2)Super Hearing
You probably pay close attention to sounds and patterns. You may like to be fully informed about  the latest news. Maybe you're even nosy.

Career Clues: You might make excellent reporter or gossip columnist. Or you might decide to become a musician.

3)Time Travel Ability
You may be interested in the causes of things and how past mistakes can be used to shapes the future. You're probably very curious about how different people.

Career Clues: A career in scientific research, history, or human behaviour might be the place for you. You might enjoy a job where you can affect the future.

Perhaps you like to see the "big pictures" of life and how things fit together. Little details may annoy you. You probably enjoy being free and taking risks. 

Career Clues: You'd probably make a good pilot or astronauts. Or consider working with big, sweeping ideas that will make differences in the world. Look for a job that will let you affect policies, maybe in government or a public research group. Avoid getting tied down.

You may be shy, or you may be very keen observer. Or you may be both. Perharps you like to know everything that is going on around you.  

Career Clues: Some good careers for observers are writer, artist, or private investigator. 

6)X-ray vision
Perhaps you like to see through problems and go to heart of an issue. You might enjoy finding problems that other people can't even see. You might even see. You also might enjoy solving problem.

Career Clues: Physics, politics, math, and medicine are fields that need skilled problem solvers.

7)Seeing Into The Future 
You're probably very creative and love adventure. You'd move right into the future if ou could! perharp you're always looking at what might be possible, and wondering how to make it happen sooner. 

Career Clues: A career on the cutting edges of things might be right for you. Think about becoming an explorer, research scientist, inventor or science fiction writer.

8)Mind reading Ability
You're probably good at guessing what other people think. Perhaps you can see behind what they're saying to what they're really thinking. 

Career Clues: You might be a good counsellor or physchologist. It's important for professionals in those careers to understand how other people think and feel. 

So camne?? Betul x apa yang anda pilih dengan terjemahan kat atas nih? Personality is about u sendiri. So, its up to u actually nak menidakkan this whole thing or not. You're the answer to urself huhuh...Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Neway, menda alah ni aku dapat dari buku Physchology for Kids Vol 1 by J. Kincher. I think its interesting, so aku shared la ngan korg. Aku rasa my superpower n explaination kena dgn diri aku. How bout u?? And sorry sal xtranslate ikot BM, malas..huhuhuh...

Peace! (^^,)v



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