Saturday, June 23, 2012

Loyalty in Marriage

Hello girls, guys and peeps out there.

Today, let's  talk about loyalty in marriage.

 *Yawn..boringg~~~ *

 Yeah, I know, i know. This indeed was quite a serious topic, but hey, I've really wanted to talk about this thing a long time ago. So, bear with me sugarplums? :))

"A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing and a man's loyalty is tested when he has everything."

I was stumbled upon reading this quotes. Damn true. It happens right in front of my eyes. (Well, not to me of course, I'm not yet married :)

There's this a couple i knew. Both of them were perfect. One were handsome and well build, one was pretty and kind-hearted. They suits each other well enough. Both of them were the envy of everyone's around them. He got the most beautiful wife, kind-hearted, with the heart melting smile. While she herself got the most eligible bachelor that time: nice career , smart, hopelessly romantic and charming. They were labelled as match made in heaven, as people would say.

But then, something happened. The guy lost his job and both of them had to struggle for life. Living in the city wasn't easy to start with. With the car and house loan to be paid, high cost of living, it wasnt easy. Her husband had job with less than RM2k, but the house and car loan almost reach out to RM2k. Her They run out of money. But the things is, they wont tell others bout it-even families. Acting like they had money although they dont were terrifying.Her loyalty were tested at that time. Her man has nothing and she dealt with it patiently. Not a single utter about the difficulties living with much lies and to the fact that he actually loses his jobs for an office scandalism. (She decided to give him a second chance) . She stayed with him, went through all the hardship together AND she passed the test.

And as the time goes on, everything went back to normal. This time, it's better than ever. The guy got a new job, got promoted and life was better than before He seemed to change. They got a bigger car, bigger house and not to be forgotten, a cute little daughter. Everything was perfect.

This time, the guy was tested again. He had everything- better than before. At his late 30's, he still got the good looks, all the big cars, all the money and those charming swag of him. It makes all the naive woman craved for him.  Fall at his feet for his sweet word, eventually  forgotten the fact that he's married. At the same time, a kind of trend arises in between his close friends where keeping mistresses was considered a great and cool mischievous act. He eventually was caught cheating on her with two different women.  He had FAILED his vow. He blew off his second chance. And the rather seemingly 'perfect marriage', end up with so much pain and tears and completely surprised everyone around them.


That is just one of the few example, a real life stories in disloyalties in marriage. The Cheaters KMovie  on the other hands was a comedied version of cheating in marriage were three couples end up cheating each other with one another. (Watch it and u'll know what i mean. Though this movies actually an R-rated film)

I dunno whether it's just me or the trends of having an affair with particularly younger girls are really dubbing in the society right now. And it seems that cheating on their spouses were kinda a bragging thing amongst themselves. ( This according to my own observation happens to guy in the 40's of higher class societies ) This actually scares the f*ck outta me. What if my partner of life-to-be were cheating on me like the guy i mentioned earlier? A young women actually came up to his wife through email and confessed that she'd slept with her husband and her husband had promised the girl full responsibility of what he did with her and eventually back off when their secrets were almost out in the air. And a week after that, he was caught red handed  going on a vacation with another different girl while telling his wife he were out for an outstation.(His wife secretly followed him that morning)
What i can tell you, that guy was big jerk. Dont u think?

Hey, I'm not being a sexist here. I'm not saying that only guy cheated their spouses. I know that girls do cheat too. It just that real life situation right in front of my eye kinda involving guys as the cheater, and to the fact I'm a women, so I had to used example of man's cheating. No offense guys :D

Well, what I really wanted to say is, a marriage is a a sacred bonds between human beings. You should  at least try to respect it. Cheating was easy, but being faithful in today's world, it's quite hard. And people outside the bond should respect the bonds too. Stay out of others marriage would be the rightest thing to do. Not that I'm not agree about polygamy, in fact I do, but well, I'll talk about this later k? Till then. Bye :D

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