Saturday, June 9, 2012

Update's Problem

It's funny when I'm not being able to online, there's tonnes of idea on what I should write in my blog. But when I opened the new post tab, I simply went blank. I can't pick the right topic, forgot how the introduction should be, and this post were a result of those blankness :)

I want to talk bout hopes, bout my dream guy, or my uni life, about friendship, love, heart break etc etc.. There's so many of them, and I can't choose one. I jut want to talk about almost everything and anything, but then I'm stuck at my introduction . Not to be mentioned of how hard I'd be at choosing one particular topic lol :)

 And for that, I lost my passion to write, or I'd rather say, I become a lazy bums that left her blogs unattended for almost 5 months in a row, yikes! While i particularly opened up my blogger dashboard in order to check out other's blog update, it seems that my fingers and my brain aren't in it best position to write and actually gives a soul or passion to my writing. I want a post that describe me the best, or at least represent my feeling, and  have a meaningful thingy unfold beneath it. I scrolled up my previous older post and found I'm actually embarrassing myself with those rubbish too-personal blogpost. I talked about love with that guy this guy and actually ended up nowhere with them. Haa, felt ashamed talking bout it *blush*

But then, I'll try my best to regularly post my updates WITHOUT actually embarrassing myself ever again. So long readers *if there was la :)

And here's a fev quotes of mine, Do what you love, and love what you do :)

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